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Compress/Seal Spring

Through continuous research and development, we are always doing our best on product development and quality improvement.
This is the explanation about Myeong In Spring’s products.

Compress spring

Compress spring
Cooling coil spring that receives compressive load from direction of center-line of coil is used by changing the diameter of coil considering the different size and shape of the spring end to match products. The usage of the spring is most vast range; easy design, relatively simple process, cheap production cost and high efficiency.

Sample can be produced before mass production.

  • Application area / Usage
    – Auto-mobile/ Electricity/ Shipbuilding/ Machine equipment etc.
  • Production range
    – Wire Diameter : 0.2~3.0mm
Seal Spring

Seal Spring
The product that is used vast range of all kinds of industries, possible to install easily in narrow space and various movement such as pulling, pushing etc. using repulsive power of spring.

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